History of SGO

The Satellite Geodetic Observatory is Hungary's first and still only infrastructure, which was established with the dedicated task to learn space-geodetic technologies, run research studies and adapt satellite-based technologies to improve and modernise the Hungarian Geodetic Infrastructure. The building was officially opened on 26 of November 1976, but during the previous years the organization was already established, the research team was invited and the preparation of the planned research tasks were started. During the 40 years history we successfully carried out a number of essential researches, setup numerous milestones in the Hungarian geodesy delivering infrastructures and services.

At the 40th anniversary of the Satellite Geodetic Observatory a historical exhibition was opened in 2012, which displays the tools and equipments used in the Observatory from the beginning up to the recent past. Nine posters give an overview of the history from construction through classical research trials which lead to the revolutionary applications of the Global Positioning System.

The exhibition can be visited freely after preliminary registration. The posters (available only in Hungarian) can also be downloaded on the following links: